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Altersoft Innovations India Private Limited is a multi-faceted product engineering services company focused on embedded system development and industrial solution integration. Altersoft’s customized solutions for Tracking and Automation are being widely used in Private, Government and Public sector environments. The technology expertise in the area of IoT, Mobile platforms and field automation empower Altersoft to provide reliable solutions to its customers. There are successful implementations of control systems that spread in wide geographical areas and in multiple geographical locations. In addition to above, Altersoft’s product engineering group brings innovative products that emphasize not only on commercial values but social aspects too.

Intelligent Public Toilet (IPtoilt ™) is such a product developed by Altersoft, with the aim of providing sustainable and hygienic public sanitation with the use of advanced automation methodologies. IPtoilet resolves operational bottlenecks faced in Public Toilet Management by the application of state-of-the-art technologies. IPtoilet has luxurious interiors with hydrophobic coating to address Indian conditions and touch-free operations: The travelers prefer the comfort of IPtoilets because of its neatness, hygiene, convenience and safety they enjoyed inside. IPtoilets are designed with an aim of giving a world class experience in public toilets with IoT, robotics and ewallet enabled!

Altersoft technical team is also under R & D for the development of IoT enabled waste-bin project, Napking Incinerator working on solar, Automated IoT and eWallet integrated napkin vending machine, Robotic arm to clean Indian and Western style Toilet, etc.

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