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    Welcome to the
    age of Smart Toilets
    Contactless sanitation experience
    for travellers!
    Cost effective daily operations!
  • Smart  Toilets
    First Prize Winner of National-Level Swachch Bharat Grand Program, Ministry of Commerce & Industry,
    Govt. of India
    Prefabricated public toilets with IoT monitoring
    Spacious interiors
  • Redefining sanitation
    with smart technology
    Saves water for cleaning
    using pressure jet system
    IPtoilet® offers
    comfort and hygiene
    and it comes with an elegant design
  • Designed for smart cities
    Smart auto cleaning system
    Provides centralized monitoring facility

Intelligent Public Toilets


In today’s fast-paced society, the environment that we live in poses various challenges for providing sanitation. Our public sanitation facilities have to be hygienic and durable. Altersoft designs and manufactures product solutions to meet these requirements. We integrate the latest technology available that beats the existing norms of performance. Self-sustaining sanitation facilities are the need of the hour.


Why IPtoilet®?



The intelligence embedded in IPtoilet® keeps it clean, in spite of careless usage. IPtoilet® offers touch-free operations. The travelling public who use the facility find the same kind of comfort in IPtoilet® as of their home toilets, because of its neatness, convenience and safety that they enjoy inside.

Self Cleaning using pressure jet spray

Though everyone takes care of maintaining hygienic toilets at their homes, that is not the case with public toilets. On top is the acute shortage of labour for cleaning lavatories. The timed pressure-sprayers, perforated floors, auto-flush and the stainless steel body helps in self-cleaning of our toilets.

Automated for minimum user contact

It is commonly observed in public toilets that people tend to damage the door handle, switches, tap knobs, or flush knobs due to rough usage. By automating these operations, there is no need for any manual intervention except manually bolting the door from inside. It ensures minimum user contact and thus maximum hygiene.

Structure and Fabrication

The fabrication of the body of the unit is done with utmost care to make it tamper-proof and rust-proof. It is portable in whole or packed to install at site. It comes in different sizes as per number of units in a single console. The unit ensures safety of users - it will not let a person be trapped inside as it provides manual locking once a person enters the toilet.

Protection against vandalism

Stainless steel 304 grade facades of walls and roof, and 316 grade 2mm stainless steel sheets with perforation at the bottom, ensures hygiene during public usage. The unit uses tamper proof (stainless steel allen csk) fasteners. Utmost care has been given to minimize the usage of water and electricity. There are optional features like air conditioner, solar panels and bio membrane tank, Napkin incinerator( destroyer) and napkin vending machine.

Power cleaning of floor

We have used a unique technology to clean the floor. The floor in the unit has two layers. One upper layer that has 2mm thickness and 316 grade stainless steel sheet with 5mm perforation. It supports a stainless steel tray underneath with proper ventilation and slanting for easy removal of waste water. It ensures that all the grime from footwears does not remain on the floor surface and thus periodical water jet cleaning of walls and floors are more effective. The cleaning technique is patented and is more effective than competing technologies used in public toilets.

Elegant Design

With the design and construction of toilets with premium quality materials, we have ensured that it is compact and elegant.

Minimum/No User Contact

In IPtoilet®, minimum to no user contact is required, as sensor operation eliminates the need for lever or switches to be touched, while being used.

Premium Quality

An intelligent public toilet (IPtoilet®) which works on IoT (Internet of Things) technology is self-contained, user-friendly, eco-friendly, unmanned and remotely monitored.

Smart Performance

With the classic blend of most advanced cutting-edge technology and elegant design, IPtoilet® has changed the perception of what a toilet can be, and how it can be used.

Fully Automated

Unique Mechanism that cleans the pan and wash the floors automatically before and after every use with specially designed spiral pressure sprays.

Unique Design for Hygiene

Specially designed 2-layered perforated steel floor including an upper and lower platform with proper ventilation and slanting for easy removal of wastewater.

Occupies Less Space

IPtoilet is designed and constructed to take a small footprint and is very easy for portability and installation

Multiple Variants

IPtoilets are available in different variants according to the requirement such as, Single Unit, Double Unit, Unit for Disabled, Basic and Basic Plus.




Particulars IPtoilet 1010 Single IPtoilet 1020 Double IPtoilet 1030 Single Disabled IPtoilet Basic Single IPtoilet Basic Plus Single
Size 1200 mm Length x
1200 mm Width x
2300 mm Height
2400 mm Length x
2400 mm Width x
2300 mm Height
2100 mm Length x
1200 mm Width x
2300 mm Height
1200 mm Length x
1000 mm Width x
2100 mm Height
1200 mm Length x
900 mm Width x
2100 mm Height
Floor Perforated SS floor double layer Perforated SS floor double layer Perforated SS floor double layer SS floor SS floor
Classification Ladies or unisex Ladies and Gents Ladies or unisex Ladies or unisex Ladies or unisex
Outer Height 2700 mm 2700 mm 2700 mm 2700 mm 2700 mm
Automated sliding Door No No Yes No No
Door Size 700 mm X 1800 mm 700 mm X 1800 mm 900 mm X 1800 mm 600 mm X 1700 mm 600 mm X 1700 mm

IPtoilet® - Overview


Why IPtoilet®?

IPtoilet is the best

IPtoilet® is a maintainable public toilet which has self-cleaning mechanisms. It saves cost in operation and maintenance of public toilets by almost 90 percent by employing new public toilet servicing methods.

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Best in the category

IPtoilet® is equipped with premium features keeping in view the optimum functionality and safety.

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Additional items that come with IPtoilet®

With a lot of accessories available for IPtoilet®, it is possible to add more luxury to the product.

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Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Please contact us for prompt support.

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Some Words About Our Company

Innovations - Creative

Altersoft Innovations India Private Limited is a multi-faceted product engineering services company focused on embedded system development and industrial solution integration. Altersoft’s customized solutions for Tracking and Automation are being widely used in Private, Government and Public sector environments. The technology expertise in the area of IoT, Mobile platforms and field automation empower Altersoft to provide reliable solutions to its customers. There are successful implementations of control systems that spread in wide geographical areas and in multiple geographical locations. In addition to above, Altersoft’s product engineering group brings innovative products that emphasize not only on commercial values but social aspects too.

Intelligent Public Toilet (IPtoilet®) is such a product developed by Altersoft, with the aim of providing sustainable and hygienic public sanitation with the use of advanced automation methodologies. IPtoilet® resolves operational bottlenecks faced in Public Toilet Management by the application of state-of-the-art technologies. IPtoilet® has luxurious interiors with hydrophobic coating to address Indian conditions and touch-free operations: The travelers prefer the comfort of IPtoilet® because of its neatness, hygiene, convenience and safety they enjoyed inside. IPtoilet® are designed with an aim of giving a world class experience in public toilets with IoT, robotics and ewallet enabled!

Altersoft technical team is also under R & D for the development of IoT enabled waste-bin project, Napkin Incinerator working on solar, Automated IoT and eWallet integrated napkin vending machine, Robotic arm to clean Indian and Western style Toilet, etc.


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