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Worldclass Public Sanitation – IP Toilets

Today's ever changing society, along with the environments we work and live in, provide some of the hardest challenges where hygiene and durability are required. Altersoft designs and manufactures product solutions to meet these requirements. Integrating the latest technology available exceed most performance criteria. Sustainability is a critical issue for the future.

IP Toilet - Features


IPtoilet with its intelligence, keep hygiene even with improper usage of occupants. IPtoilet has luxurious interiors and touch-free operations: The travelers prefer the comfort of their home toilets because of its neatness, hygiene, convenience and safety they enjoyed inside. IPtoilets give a world class experience of hygiene in public toilets.

Self Cleaning using pressure jet spray:

We never fail to maintain toilet hygiene at our home, but that is not the case in public toilets. On top is the acute shortage of labour for cleaning lavatories. The timed pressure sprayers, perforated floors, auto-flush and the stainless steel body helps in self-cleaning of our toilets.

Automated for minimum user contact:

It is commonly observed in public toilets that people tend to spoil the door handle, switches, tap knobs, or flush knobs by rough use. By automating these operations, there is no need for any manual intervention except manually bolting the door from inside. It ensures minimum user contact and thus maximum hygiene.

Structure and Fabrication:

At most care is taken to design its body fabrication tamper proof and rust proof. It is portable in whole or packed to install at site. It has different sizes as per number of usage units in a single console. It never lets a person trapped inside as there is only manual locking of the toilets once a person comes inside. Tamper proof fasteners with stainless steel 304 grade facades of walls and roof, and bottom 316 grade 3mm stainless steel sheets with perforation, ensures hygiene at public usage. At most care has given to usage of water and power. There are optional features like air conditioner, solar panels and bio membrane tank.

Floor Hygiene concept:

The unique technology in toilet design we have took is in its floors. The major importance is given for its highline is clean and hygiene public toilets. Keeping in mind, the IPtoilet floors has two layers. One upper layer has 3mm thick 316 grade stainless steel sheets with 5mm perforation. It supports 1.5mm SS sheets underneath with proper ventilation and slanting for easy removal of waste water. It ensure all the grime from foot wears does not remain on the floor surface and thus periodical water jet cleaning of walls and floors are more effective. ( here require an info graphics for brochure and flash for video)

Very cost effective in operations:

The self cleaning toilets having pressure cleaning facility require regular monitoring and attention; but with less frequency per unit. This will save considerable labor and material cost in operations.

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Altersoft Innovations India Private Limited is a multi-faceted product engineering services company focused on embedded system development and industrial solution integration. Altersoft’s customized solutions for Tracking and Automation are being widely used in Private, Government and Public sector environments. The technology expertise in the area of IoT, Mobile platforms and field automation empower Altersoft to provide reliable solutions to its customers. Th


Self Cleaning Intelligent Public Toilet
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